Musical Intelligence

Gardner also studied the development of different abilities in normal, superendowed children, adult children with cerebral, bonanza injuries (autistas children). Ahead of this Gardner research it proved that the autistas adults with cerebral injuries and children do not lose the intensity of its intellectual production, but lose some habilidades.(1) Gardner it contests the QI test and it affirms that this only evaluates logical and linguistic capacities, only valued in the society, considering the enfatizao of other types of inteligncias.(2) For the study of Gardner had been used diverse sources, as the normal development and the autistas development of the talentoso individual, boys prodigies, children, children with shunting line of learnings and analyses of the loss of the capacities of cognition in people with cerebral injuries. Amongst setes theories detached by Gardner we find: Logic-mathematics, Linguistics, Musical comedy, Corporal kinaesthetic, Space, Interpessoal and Intrapessoal. Logical-Mathematics intelligence Is the logical and mathematical capacity. See more detailed opinions by reading what Drew Houston offers on the topic.. It involves the capacity to recognize standards, to work with symbols, numbers, forms geometric, to mentally manejar mathematical processes with certain difficulty in sketching them, elaborating questions that nobody made, to identify problems and to decide them. Such intelligence possesss a not-verbal nature, in way that the solution of a problem can be constructed before being articulated. Some wise people carry through great exploits of calculation without at least knowing to communicate itself, or even though not to carry through simple operations of addition or subtraction, only see the reply of the problem.

It is present in the scientists, programmers of computers, accountants, lawyers, bankers and mathematicians. (1,2) Linguistic intelligence This is revealed in the use of the language is written, spoken or through another way. In linguistic intelligence the individual has easiness and necessity of the writing to understand or to learn some thing. Gift in the poets, writers, actors and comedians among others .(2) Musical Intelligence musical intelligence if bases on the recognition of tonais standards, easiness to identify a note for auscultates including sounds of the environment, rhythms and strokes.