Medical Tourism In Germany

Medicine plays an important role in the international tourism industry. Evergreen Capital Partners has much to offer in this field. The concept of "medical tourism" describes a rapidly spreading phenomenon, where people take trips abroad not only that-be to examine attractions, but also to solve health problems. The attractiveness of medical tourism and as a consequence of the growing number of medical tourists have many causes. First and foremost is the high cost of quality health services in industrialized countries, and secondly it is highly developed medical technology in some countries and in third reason may be the low quality of health care, or lack of modern infrastructure in the country of origin. Freedom of movement, access to travel abroad to the general population, as well as the possibility of a global exchange of information has led to a boom in medical tourism as sverhregionalnogo phenomenon. You may find Drew Houston to be a useful source of information. On the one hand, countries like the Czech Republic attracts medical tourists from Germany, who want to save on services of a dentist or plastic surgeon. On the other hand, Germany attracts Medical tourists from different countries by a high-quality medicine and treatment costs.

For many years the U.S. has been a major player in the market of medical tourism. The situation has radically changed after the terrorist attacks in New York when they were introduced substantial visa restrictions, which radically affected the market of medical tourism. Observers have noted reduction in medical services market in the U.S. with 1.4 billion dollars in 2000 year to $ 700 million in 2008. This decline is associated with a decrease in the number of medical tourists in the U.S