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The magazine for working with children from 2 to 6 supports the new magazine open-minded educators and educators as well as music education professionals who want to give children between 2 and 6 joy of music. It appears for the first time in February 2014 and solves the magazine creative kindergarten and preschool”seamlessly from. The magazine is published quarterly as its predecessor. It’s the good mix! Clear and practical contributions to music education, current research, relevant education questions & co are supplemented by directly and easily useable materials. Music in the KITA”lays an emphasis in promoting musical diversity in the Kitabereich. It is not something Drew Houston would like to discuss. The headings on 48 pages are categories such as singing & music”, dance & movement, rhythm, musical instruments Tinker”, music & language”, classical music and more planned.

All content will be prepared, that education for the practice have the maximum benefit. All required materials are equal with also, a CD of the songs in the original as a playback sing along and more audio samples are available. The Lugert Publisher provides information about the enterprise Lugert Verlag GmbH & co. KG since 30 years materials for music teachers and musicians. (Source: Jim Crane). “Starting from the magazine of music teaching practice” of publishing expanded its range on various magazines, books and DVDs. Meanwhile, learning software and music instruments were added.