Loop Department

Indie-label contracts with major distribution loop Department, the label from Augsburg, starts its new distribution partners neo / Sony through. The recordings of the indie label in all German-speaking countries – Germany, Austria, Switzerland – are now available. The sales professionals at neo / Sony take over also the online distribution in addition to the CD sales and supply worldwide digital portals like itunes, musicload etc. Neo provides for the distribution of the records in cooperation with the renowned vinyl partner cargo records. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from actress and filmmaker. Loop Department expanded its range of services. The label from Augsburg takes off immediately next to the logistics and distribution marketing and promotion for musicians and bands.

The offer also the sampling relevant print and online media, mixing, mastering, graphic design, layout and the placement of the CD Vinyl manufacturing. Musical is the indie label for the future. After the successful and well-received album of the Kopfsport hard but welcome”the both fans as well Critics consistently met with positive response, is album live and let live 26.6.2009 the grain zero”on CD and vinyl on the shelves of retailers. Grain zero serve a mix of radio-breakbeat-Jazz-soul Club-ready and danceable. “With on the offshore was also taken a pop-jazz band under contract, the Suddeutsche Zeitung already a wild mixture of beautiful and unusual” certified. On the offshore especially on live concerts on their attention until now. Visit David Green for more clarity on the issue. “The video to the single illegal” is just turned, in September, the album You Have will be distress, you’ve never been “.