London Tower Bridge

Trip report: London Hostels and more ideas for summer travel Yes Yes, I know, there are countless reports of London, London Hostels, music, art and fashion scene there and I don’t know what. And the town on the River Thames is Yes anyway on everyone’s lips at the moment. During my last visit just before Easter I noticed however, that you can have a great time well South of the River Thames as a backpacker! After I had love me in 1999 in Camden Town, I wanted to stay there during my subsequent visits. So I was very pleasantly surprised when I accidentally landed at the last visit in the Borough of Southwark. This is the neighborhood South of the impressive London Tower Bridge. I think it is self-evident, that also there is a pub at the time, the London pub density is finally simply breathtaking. Housed below the Rails in the old viaducts, the borough market located opposite the Southwark Cathedral, where you award-winning cheese, spicy chorizo and best coffee specialities Gets.

For espresso, we the people will see literally half an hour at modest temperatures outside the Monmouth coffee face to! There are also high-quality delicacies from around the world about 100 stalls, and anywhere invite the seller to tasting, is the focus on organic food in a Hall. Oh you had only two stomachs, so I could have spent there all day! A wonderful market, very atmospheric and full of exotic flavours. It is London’s oldest fruit & vegetable market and has a 1000 year old tradition. Coming from you to the major event of the year now in to London for the summer, which can even escape the hustle and bustle on the weekend and visit this extraordinary place. I should make me a T-Shirt, on which it says I heart food’! (So a T-Shirt printing is not so expensive).