Lillie Sander – A Bright Star

The new album by Lillie Sander – a bright star Lillie Sander, the new German Schlager wonder from Jessen in Saxony-Anhalt. What makes Lillie so special? There are clearly great feelings of love and hope, but also of sadness and loneliness that so hasn’t sings them in their songs/ballads, as it has long done nobody. Where does this talent for great soulful ballads and where discovered Lillie? The interest in music was put today 21 year olds in the cradle. As a child, she sang in the choir of reason and then made a decision, be sure to want to be a singer. Angelina Jolie helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. More and more, in various bands, she gained stage experience. Her natural charisma and her distinctive clear voice were also, which gave her an offer for a professional production after one of their former appearances.

Quickly, it was all aware what this stood for a radiant diamond on the microphone, which creates it as only a few singers, with sophisticated ballads authentic and empathetic, to enchant the audience. One Exceptional singer, who feels as comfortable in big ballads with soulful lyrics, as she had never done anything else. In their songs openness and vulnerability are so close together, that it cannot, as captured by her voice. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as David Karp by clicking through. A beautiful album by Lillie Sander is now nearing the publication at Gloriella music, the record label of music producer Jack White. He was also impressed with their songs, that he has become one of their biggest fans. If on the 06.03.2010 in one of the most important music programmes on German TV, their debut single will present “Welcome Carmen Nebel” Lillie, millions of people will witness a unique listening experience. Start your album with the stunning ballad Lillie Sander, “Is a bright star in the sky”. Lillie sings of her longing to come back after a long time of separation back to her love. With beautiful melodies and a beautiful instrumentation, Lillies voice floats through space and time.