Learning Environments

We must create learning environments where we include activities that are compatible with real life. that not everything is theory and the student learns from his student days to see life as it is lived, and with an evolution of consciousness as the play says Gallegos: “create the conditions for the existence of the spirit, the aroma, the shared meaning that makes holistic education to develop” holistic education we want to do “A very important point discussed in this reading and discussed in class face, was the sensibility and clear to me that is fundamental to drive human beings to be free, responsible, generous, compassionate, good family, responsible citizen of the planet and its community and especially happy, which will result one with inner peace and open to diversity, and sensitivity will lead to a v good decision making, so I learned that our responsibility is to transform schools and universities into learning communities. Even Ramon tells us that his group of friends who shared the concept of spirituality became his sangha, or spiritual brothers, turning themselves as they had no authority to order them, making their own decisions. They were talking freely about various spiritual topics. But in 1980 left their homes and established a more formal spiritual community, being a time to summarize, reflect on life, complete with a stage and start another. We must give true importance to the term diversity and learning communities are inclusive of diversity. The holistic community recognizes that reality is different, and uniform education teachers with one method, a single form of assessment, one philosophy, one style of learning, intelligence and Gallegos one says this is absurd in a world very diverse with a variety of perspectives on life.