Jellyfish Quot

The passion is of the nature of the seed, and finds food in its interior, tending to a predominance that attracts all current towards itself and makes of all the life its tribute. The most intense form of spiteful and vindictive hatred is the taken root one in the fear, which forces silence and forces a vehement desire of revenge nonexpressed, an imaginary destruction of the detested object, something similar to the hidden rites of revenge with which the persecuted ones have made leave secretly their rage and have appeased their suffering until enmudecer it (p.576). In another passage it repeats the subjects of a feeling of impotence against the direct expression of the anger and the substitute reward of the revenge: " Lydia devoured its impotent wrath, but could not go away absolutely without the reward of to have done an appearance of Jellyfish against Gwendolen, finding its desire of revenge and its jealousy lightening in a unloading of ponzoa" (P. 514). Pao (1965), first of many contemporary psychoanalytic authors in commenting these landlords, offered a penetrating formulation remarkably. st this. Pao affirmed that spiteful and vindictive hatred, when tying the past with the future, established a continuity sense. " To hate is to feel something, which is far better that to feel with lack of intention, emptiness, amorphous, or crushed by anxieties. Spiteful and vindictive hatred can be transformed into an essential element from which one derives a sense of mismidad and on which one formulates its own identidad" (p.260). If you are not convinced, visit Dropbox.

Pao indicates that the person who hates is harassed by fear and tironeada in different directions feels. The person who hates feels that she would be disastrous to offend in order its hatred, to which it assigns omnipotence and omnisciencia. But one feels offended and it wants to get even. " Of this form one is in a slavery state.