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Regarding assessment, teachers must use a variety of techniques to assess the cognitive domain. However, the verbs used to convey the intention of learning objectives provide useful information for selecting specific assessment techniques. For example: The verb “identify” in a learning objective that describes what the student should be able to do, might suggest that the teacher consider the use of objective assessment techniques that include multiple choice, match, or elements of true and false, for information on the progress of student learning. The use of verbs such as “apply”, “manipulate” and “operate”, listed in the Application level of cognitive domain, may suggest that the teacher consider performance assessment tasks, as the most appropriate evaluation technique. Some verbs cited in the levels of Understanding, Analysis, Synthesis, and Evaluation, for example: (“read ‘,’ defend ‘,’ explain ‘, rank’, ‘make’, ‘propose’, ‘judge’, ‘hiring ‘), could suggest that: expand open questions, make writing assignments or presentations are appropriate techniques for information. OBJECTIVES FOR VERBS instructional OBSERVABLE “N * depending on the cognitive domain of the senses (different meanings depending on context) with which you use, some verbs can be applied to more than one level.