Hur Heckmann Academic Sausage

Ben Hur Heckmann Academic/UTFPR, Bruna Pegoraro Academic/UTFPR, Caroline Zanoto Manufacter Academic/UTFPR Deborah Academic/UTFPR, Depto. of Chemistry, Campus White Duck Federal Technological University of Paran – UTFPR Highway of the Knowledge, km 01. Duck Branco/PR, Brazil – CEP 85503-390,,, carol.zanotto@ Summary? This work presents a bromatolgica analysis of the sausage vendida in snacks in the canteen of the UTFPR. The analizados points had been text of humidity, leached ashes, proteins and carboidratos. The joined texts had been collated with the values determined in the legislation. Such values meet in compliance with the legislation, except for the humidity text. Word-key: Bromatologia, humidity, proteins, carboidratos.

Abstract? This to paper presents the chemical analysis of sausage sold snacks in the canteen of UTFPR. Points analyzed were moisture, ash, protein and carbohydrates. The levels found were compared with the values established in legislation. These values ploughs in accordance with the law, except will be moisture content. Key-words: Bromatology, moisture, protein, carbohydrates.

Introduction the bromatologia studies foods, its chemical composition, its action in the organism, its nourishing value and caloric, its properties physical, chemical, toxicolgicas and adulterantes, also contaminantes, frauds, etc. This science becomes related with everything what, of some form, it is food for the human beings, has to see with the food since the production, collects, transport of the raw material, until the sales as natural food or industrialized, it verifies if the food if fits in the legal specifications, detects the presence of adulterantes. At last, it has to see with all the different aspects that involve a food, with this allowing the judgment on the quality of the same. 1 Currently, the sausage is one of inlaid works more known and appreciated. The sausage is a type of food to the meat base, grass, spices and others ingredients. Made normally with pig meat, currently also it comes being done to the base of the chicken meat.