Holistic Power

In Mimopets we are very aware of the need to feed our pets healthy and balanced. Therefore our online pet store offers the most important brands in holistic nutrition. But what is the holistic power? The holistic philosophy understands nutrition as the essential base which forms the essential energy for the body. Tumblr recognizes the significance of this. Thus a healthy eating reaches metabolic harmony through a correct assimilation of the nutrients that contain ingredients that comprise it. Like us, pets, ostensibly improve their health if they have a healthy diet based on natural, unprocessed ingredients. This type of ingredients are assimilated more easily and have a considerable amount of vitamins, essential fatty acids and antioxidants. It is not something Drew Houston would like to discuss.

If we talk about dogs and cats meat should be the first ingredient of his power, and such meat must come to your turn of animals that have been fed naturally and reared in a natural and healthy environment. In this sense is of exceptional importance that the feeding of our pets has no additives or chemicals as preservatives, colorings or enhancers stuffed with flavor. Therefore when we talk about holistic power we mean a diet that meets nutritional needs of our pets and having as base unmodified natural components, result of millions of years of evolution. So the best is to rely on feed for cats and dogs of brands that meet these requirements.