Granting Custody

The assessment of the suitability of parents to assume custody of the children during court proceedings for legal separation or divorce takes place through an assessment made by expert psychologists. It is necessary to clarify that the same takes place when the couple has not been able to establish itself custody arrangements that satisfy both former spouses, which leads to the question must be settled by the courts concerned. How Assessment is processed? Usually this is done through a series of interviews with both parents, psychological testing, home visits where he is living every parent as a result of the break and meetings with relatives, friends and even the child himself , if he old enough to understand the nature of the events. Taking into account certain aspects can be of great help in dealing with it. You should consider that there is much at stake, and that all depends on how you unwind. Although one might think that award of custody occurs in all cases in favor of the mother, this is not always the case.

These tips may find useful: a) should behave quite naturally and without being overbearing or dramatic. Of course, this is a very sensitive and emotionally complicated, but you must show full and sure of yourself. Thus, excessive demonstrations on your part could jeopardize your chances greatly since the psychologist might consider that you are not emotionally stable enough to take custody of your children. b) You should also show total honesty and sincerity at the time to discuss your case with the psychologist. Please note that it will examine each and every one of your details and your gestures, and could detect whether there are aspects in your story that do not match, comparing it with your former partner or those of your acquaintances or your children. c) What would be appropriate to limit yourself to facts and not try to downplay or less no reason to your partner. Simply describes the way being and dealing with children when you lived together, and the circumstances of your life together, provided you are referred to the relevant questions. d) That yes, you could discuss with the Assessor anything that could be considered remarkable about his personality, his dealings with the children or the circumstances of your life that could affect the proper exercise of guardianship over them.

So, if I had a notoriously aggressive character or drink excessively, you should not hesitate to make it known to the psychologist. At the same time, you should show total honesty with your own personal shortcomings. Considers that you do not, your ex-partner will certainly aware of these facts Psychologist, and your lack of sincerity could end up ruining your chances. It would also be necessary, apart from the foregoing that the psychologist kept abreast of any developments that could be informed during the evaluation process. If you follow all the recommendations, your chances are face will be significantly enhanced to obtain custody over the long-awaited your children. Begona Alcaine Basin.