Forensic Science Forensic

Human life has always been linked to the presence of various confrontations, rivalries, or simple acts of God. who in one way or another lead to adverse consequences, which can affect small or large extent the lives of people, generated in many cases the death of one or more persons and for such a situation is more complicated, in many cases is not half used to determine gender as a result, much less who caused such action and to avoid that such actions go unpunished, man has devised half or rather a science that helps determine the events as they happened so we can more clearly determine the cause and that is half forensic science, which greatly facilitated through scientific research to contribute to the process of determining the facts. Forensic science has also been called forensic medicine or forensic medicine, this is the close relationship that manage the development of this type of medicine with judicial activity, because thanks to forensic medicine or forensic science can be obtained much more accurate information on the events occurred as a possible crime, such as forensic science is a part of the development of the daily activity of the judicial process, where experts on forensic science, working in the various cases as expert witnesses, Experts say this is on the subject. So forensic science is an indispensable material in the development of judicial activity, as its contribution is of great value, thanks to the application of scientific practices within the various legal processes, to become criminals in people inevitable presence in the development of both the processes as the creation of standards, allowing for better protection of legal interests of society. With forensic science can make fundamental tests to obtain accurate information about a possible crime, because of minimal evidence that apparently do nothing, experts in forensic science can achieve excellent results, based on the use of practices and procedures performed in the laboratory where the evidence becomes conclusive evidence on the development of processes. Forensic science uses things that the eye is useless as evidence, but forensic science makes little things, excellent evidence, and one of the most used by forensic science, is the routine handling that DNA leda and from this it can solve large gaps of information that takes about an event. Forensic science in the modern world has become indispensable, since criminals carried out crimes every day much more prepared with the idea of not leaving any trace and their crimes go unpunished, but forensic science creates a great opportunity to solve the cases using scientific research and very detailed, you can get results from the study of minimal elements.