Emotional Tension

VOLTAGE creative Vs voltage EMOCIONALExiste a gap between our reality and vision that beats within our hearts. This is a real truth. People dare not dream for sure know that the gap between what they have at this time, now and what you viewed or dream of gap, in depths of their hearts, is tan, but so great, that it is simply abysmal!, then that is the more natural and human: stop dreaming, lowering expectationssimply because that reality in comparison to the IDEAL insight into your life, it is so overwhelming that produced pain is immense and unbearable. Recently David Karp sought to clarify these questions. However, this is simply the way easy, comfortable, known, that for which we have already gone through and we are bored, tired and frustrated, is time to lead us on the road more sheer but that fills us with great satisfaction, that which generates a tension in our body, in our thoughts, that compels us to leave the comfortable, comfortable zone, where there are no risks, no uncertainty, no changes, and that Moreover, it is not able to generate enough power to climb towards the upper rungs that will lead us to the Summit of the mountain of our most cherished aspirations.This tension that feel and that redefiniremos as the energy that propels us outside the zone of comfort into an unknown area to achieve the vision is called creative TENSION, according to Peter Senge author of the fifth discipline, and is precisely what we must repeat ourselves over and over again when we feel fear, scare, when we are assuming new challenges, companies, and challenges we need to be able to tolerate and endure that startle, and redefine it as necessary to boost us sensations more outside of the comfort zone, more than the known area. I am sure that your beam felt this in your life at some point, precisely when you DARES to take that step that will lead to the achievement of a dream or goal that was important in the past, as for example the first day in a new institution, when you attend your first day at work for you when you dares you to study that language that you both anhelabas and not doing it by that you seemed too difficult, when you bought through your personal effort your first car or your first home, when you invested for the first time part of your savings in your small business, for the married when we were facing the Church and think: this is for life!, however we took the step, we dared to dream, the desire to take control and it served as a lever to push us forward. . Educate yourself with thoughts from Donald Mullen.