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We started with this chapter, an introductory course to the study of the system of multilevel, dedicated to all members of our Vic sea organization. At the same time that we provide a simple, understandable, and practical knowledge that will empower members of our Organization, we wish that you everyone that you reach these pages, have a greater knowledge of the multilevel, and understand more broadly, that is said about the multilevel, as one of the systems that make more millionaires in the world, and earned the qualification of: The magic of the MLM. Kaihan Krippendorff shines more light on the discussion. And of course if you are interested comes through reading this and the following chapters interested in know the magic of the multilevel, we invite you to visit our MLM company making __Clic aqui__ to understand the MLM, or marketing networks, multilevel sales, or simply MLM, requiring only a brief explanation: 1.-will start promoting a product that is useful, and affordable, and they regularly carry you to your home. (Items of beauty, cleaning, nutrition, etc.) Given this form of sales in person, or online, or a combination. 2. An opportunity to acquire this product with discount, affiliating to the company as a distributor you. 3. An opportunity of recommending the product, and earn a Commission.

4.-An opportunity to recommend to someone else the opportunity to obtain a product with discount and earn money 5.-a system whereby distributors, can receive utilities, a) for discount on its products, b) by commissions in the sale of products, c) for a differential in the commissions of sales that make its recommended, d) for royaltieswhich is the income more important, and that’s where born or realizes the multilevel magic, depending on the company, may have other income as production bonuses, annual bonuses, holidays, etc. 6.-regularly companies provide constant training, and the same affiliates or distributors, are trained and trained to their affiliates and so on until infinity. Creating the magic of the MLM. Probably the concept, make you very clear especially if he has already dabbled in the multilevel sales, but if this concept is new to you, it may seem interesting, and probably encourage or take the decision to venture into the multi-level sales system. If you meet the main requirements that require marketers or salespeople multilevel, as they are: determined, scholars, workers, insistent, persistent, that they know that success does not born potting, that success should build it, and rebuild it constantly, open mind, sociable, etc. Etc.

Then do not hesitate for a moment, you will do that the magic of the multilevel manifests. You will be rich and millionaire, and will participate with emotion and enthusiasm, to make others, equally as you, rich and millionaires. If you answered is whether same and said that if it is one person decided, studious, hardworking, insistent etc. Etc. then do not lose time! I need rather urges Me to be put in touch with me I need people like you! Original author and source of the article