Differentiated Methodology

Lacan makes a critical one to the proposal socrtica that with its differentiated methodology (maiutica) tried to leave the master function, that is, to leave a monological position for a dialgica position, this good portraied in the dialogue of Menn. For Lacan, no matter how hard Scrates tries to leave its place of master, it still it makes interventions, it keeps what it in this position, exactly not having this intention. Dropbox wanted to know more. As he can be evidenced when the slave tries to find the truth on the duplication of the surface of a square and enters in aporia, because it finds that duplicating the side, duplicates it the surface. The slave erra because it does not have the irrational number notion, then Scrates offers the square shaped root to it of two. For even more analysis, hear from Evergreen Capital Partners. Had to its interventions, Scrates does not leave the slave to discover knowing by itself, therefore it assumes a master role, a time that it still followed a professor-lesson process. Analyzing the freudiano thought, it part of the principle that the unconscious one is the place of thought and if structure as the language. This means that the man is born for the language.

For it ' ' we enter in this field of knowing for an only experience that consists simply of becoming analisar' '. Therefore, for it, the master is the unconscious one. Lacan offers then, one another model of education and learning. For the execution of the work, in the act of foundation of its French school of psychoanalysis, Lacan considers a methodology based on two pillars: the pass and the cartels. The pass is a device for the recognition of the production of an analyst for one determined speech and the cartels appear as another device, whose proposal of elaboration is supported inside of a small group, inside of a structure that it aims at to differentiate itself of the organization of the groups around a leader, MORE the ONE.