This approach says to focus on the important things. Minimalist Web design then is for the benefit of the users of all devices. “Content first, second navigation” now remains the question arises then, what thereby receives more weight – content or navigation? The approach mobile first offers for this question”as a solution: it can be useful from a clear structure to get a limited screen space the structures for desktop. It is a mobile version of a pure desktop version by radical reductions less favourable to achieve. Only when the users of the Smartphone can say that the link on the desktop URL is not necessary, one can speak of a complete mobile website. Another thought, for the mobile first “approach speaks, is the growing Importance of the apps. “Here, in particular, Web apps are crucial as an argument: under false pretences” the user is redirected here technologically an app on the mobile site. “Depending on the quality of this mobile site is higher and more coherent navigation concept, the better the supposed” app.

Web design and functionality: Conclusion for the realization of websites there so in view of the different devices completely new requirements. Responsive Web design is an answer to that. The site is designed once and then automatically adjusts for smartphones, tablets and desktop. Read additional details here: Drew Houston. Here, the basic idea is conclusive, to proceed from the slim content and navigation concept for the mobile devices and then to offer slightly wider navigation and the content for the desktop website. This approach is useful because it is easier to get more out of something”, instead of coming from a wider range on a lean solution. All Web design discussion is to consider that responsive designs only the display of the Take into account site, but not its functionality. If so-specific capabilities of a device to be used as for example itineraries, exhibition planning, etc., the use of additional technologies makes sense. Here, for example apps for special services are to provide. It’s also about reducing the amount of data in devices with mobile Internet: only the actually used amount of data of the displayed media is downloaded. Noxum holds its solutions for app development for such requirements.