Causes Of Disease

There are some different methods to assess various causes of disease. ital Partners. This demonstration became sucessuful, indeed, by meavi of certain stainig process, which disclosed characterestic and therefore unknown bacterium in all tuberculous orgaims. the thundering notice was object of the most complete spreading in the medical printed and layperson. The terrible microorganism could now be looked in dark and the other organic products and disease diagnosed with originating certainty and. In subsequent publication, dated de1884, Koch it completed the initial data in order to become the patent the action pathogenic of the bacillus for discovered it. Therapeutical, extract made with the died tuberculosos bacilli and in 1890 announced discovered of the tuberculina judging to have thus, the cure of the tuberculosis. The agitation provoked for so wonderful notice put in medical, sick agitation and people who for the health if interested, Koch found that only he served at the beginning.

another failure already longed for the cure, and aggravations of the disease had come soon later and brought bitter decisions after all. Now the microorganism could be from the disease certainty and more precociously. In subsequent publication, dated of 1884, Koch the pathogenic action of the bacillus for discovered it completed the initial data in order to take the patent. With the cellular nutrition deficient ally the tension and poisonings of all the origins, is clearly the organism adoece and allied to the HIV that it attacks soon the responsible cells for the defense leave the well weak patient for the opportunist illnesses. AIDS is an illness complex being innumerable linked factors. To simplify it, therefore it has presence of the Virus HIV + co-factors +patgeno (opportunist illnesses) = AIDS. The HIV is the virus of the immunity human being, today is a world-wide pandemic the question that moved this work is that the assintomticos carriers of HIV /AIDS do not present no symptom while the symptomatic ones yes, but because some present Sarcoma Kaposi and other tuberculosis? If this virus is responsible for all the pathology because they do not present the same ones in the same intensity in the same variance of time? .