Building Spaces

Then there is the problem of "disposal of liquid" on the cars facing away from the riser. Not to transfer tower (which in practice do very difficult and often impossible), we can use compact automatic sewer systems: they represent a catchment tank for wastewater from the built-in pump. These devices include the installation type grundfos series Sololift +. Learn more about this with Isaac Dabah. This device joins the production of sanitary appliance or appliances: when the capacity of the device begins to fill, located inside the pump turns on and pumps the liquid. Sewer system, due to its compactness, can be placed in a niche behind a toilet inside the walls in the enclosure, allowing you to create a functional bathroom. If the usual flat space is often not enough, in your own home is more common another problem – how and where to divert the dirty water after washing.

After all, as a rule, today's buildings for office space, including laundry, or even divert ground basement. Sometimes, in this case Issue wastewater discharge is located above the washing machine to withdraw from her drains have to install a compact sewage pumping installation. If the water flows quite a lot, and apart from the washing machine, you want to divert run-off, for example, shower, bathtub, sinks, saunas, etc. (Except toilet), it is best to use the plant Liftaway. It is a plastic container of about 30 liters (Liftaway C) and 100 liters (Liftaway B), with installed inside the pump, which is included as a filling. System is able to cope with a fairly impressive amount of waste – up to 14 and 32 m3 / h, respectively, and briefly withstand temperatures up to +70 C.