Bonsai Bonsai

It knows some tips of cares that you must have to cultivate a flower Bonsai in its house. To have a flower of Bonsai in house demands some different special cares of that we have with the too much arrangements of flowers. Devotion and patience are essential, to always observe the place where you intend to place its Bonsai, the luminosity, fertilizao and water of the plant. Basic cares to have a Bonsai: How to water a Bonsai? It is basic that the plant has a good irrigation, for this you goes to need a borrifador of water, borrife the water over the plant, this simulates rain on of the plant, this action is basic so that it if develops, does not only make this with the plant displayed to the sun, therefore in this way you will go to burn leves. How to make the pruning of a Bonsai? Two types of pruning exist that you need to make: the pruning of the roots and the pruning of leves. See Jim Crane for more details and insights. They learn as to make each one: Pruning of the roots: this pruning is the responsible one for leaving the plant to arrive its adult phase and with a small size, it stops this removes the plant of the vase and cut its inferior roots.

Important: Never cut the lateral roots! After the cut, again places the Bonsai in the vase and completes with adubada land. Pruning of leves: this pruning helps to keep the small plant, observes the twigs that possess 10 pairs of leves more than, the ones that will be thus you must reduce and leave in the maximum 5 pairs of leves. Which the correct luminosity for a Bonsai? The majority of the Bonsais needs much luminosity, if you do not make use of a space in varanda to place the plant to receive sun, you can place next to a window. When to season a Bonsai? This type of necessary plant to receive a fertilization between February and October and when it will be to buy seasoning, remembers to buy fertilizers in dust, therefore thus it is more easy of you to control the absorption of the seasoning for the land. Soon, he is enough to have these small cares to guarantee that its Bonsai will be beautiful resistant for much time.