British Crown

He left his family in the care of a friend and went to search for diamonds. With great wisdom began his quest going to the mountains of the Moon, and continued its hopeful way to distant lands until all your money is exhausted, without finding diamonds. Finally, tired and desperate against a beach of the Mediterranean Sea, walked into the deep coastal waters, and nobody returned never to know of him. Meanwhile in what was the Amehed farm, was raised a little incident. THE new owner took camels to a small oasis watering within their lands, when one of the animals with your leg lifted a dark stone.

The surprised farmer in his curiosity raised the small Boulder, took him to his house and put it on the table. The elderly priest, who regularly visited the new home, that day was cordially received by the current master. When the philosopher’s stone on the table he noted launched an exclamation: – a diamond! – thats not a diamond answered the farmer – Oh, Yes!, you answered the anointed one, know them very well, where to find them?-so they went where the stone had been unearthed and digging the sand, found fields and diamond fields. He had them everywhere and sizeable fortune that managed the farmer and the place soon became a mine was. For other opinions and approaches, find out what actress and filmmaker has to say. This mine of extracted the diamonds Golconda and Ko-hi-nor of the British Crown. The unfortunate Amehed had lived all the time on thousands of diamonds without reaching even glimpse. What happened was deeply meditated by the wise old man and one night when he was gathered with the rich farmer said with his eyes directed to the remoteness: poor Amehed!, lived on an incalculable fortune, being rich and happy sought outside your home what they had inside. What terrible blindness of men who seek wisdom and unspoiled riches who carry within themselves in distant lands!-Nelson j.

Saving Energy Saves Money Bags And The Environment

Many consumers fret tips for power saving over the regular increases of in energy prices. However, they have the amount of their electricity bill in part even in the hand, because who consciously dealing with the use of electrical energy, can save sometimes significant amounts. n more knowledge.. The finance portal informs what consumers in the household should be aware. The proper handling of energy has long been a theme in the public. But if consumers follow some advice, a lot of power can in everyday save. Some traps that cause high energy costs lurk in the budget.

The stand-by mode by devices such as TVs, DVD players, or stereos is high on the list in this context. Because the devices in standby mode continuously consume power, it recommends that you completely turn it off, if they are not used. The purchase of energy-efficient household appliances such as a refrigerator or washing machine also contributes to the reduction in the electricity bill. Another problem is careless with light. Basically should be illuminated only those spaces, where are the residents of the apartment or House.

In addition, energy-saving lamps provide a low power consumption. For more information about how stressful is the rising energy consumption not only for money but also for the environment, provide the consumer centres. A free brochure explains how even small changes in everyday life can have a positive impact. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann

Green Cars

Car rental companies are modernizing and have increased the offerings of hybrid or efficient vehicles into their fleets, this with the purpose of reducing costs in fuel and reduce the deterioration in the environment. Hybrid cars are currently subject to a road tax and insurance premiums with prices at the time of requesting them as cars for rent. Actress and filmmaker insists that this is the case. In addition there are some governmental incentives that represent a constant source of savings. The implementation of this type of vehicle one of the most important changes that have had companies of rent of cars and vans, and that offering hybrid car rental, they reduce the production of carbon and save money on fuel. An efficient can help the user reduce the prices up to a total of one day for a week’s rental.

Many companies of rent of cars and vans are opening more green branches and are planning to increase its fleet of hybrid cars due to the demand that they are having these cars for rent. Below describe some of the prerogatives of used rental cars hybrids are: when you must travel by highway, turns the engine combustion which, in turn, recharge the battery and produces electric power. Hybrid rental cars have propulsion systems, it has a great excellent trip, which normally exceeds the 1,000 miles without refueling. To rent a functional car can be accessed in carriage to the urban centres where traditional automobiles are prohibited, this represents a great comfort for the driver. They use an electric motor that makes the combustion engine is smaller, but a 44% higher than that of the traditional carts efficiently, favouring in this way significant savings with regard to the fuel. Finally by resorting to the car rental you must think about enjoy driving with the acquired car, however, always will enjoy more knowing that contributes to the environment and is It saves money by applying for hybrid cars for rent.

Bank Autoresponder

For all the people who are starting a business online, whatever that is his profession and regardless of whether your business is jewelry or make software custom-made, all must be always attentive to the changes that occur in the network. This means that people who are not aware of the technology to automate their businesses are below its competitors. These are some of the most common errors when you are trying to sell:-do not accept credit card payments. Nouriel Roubini is a great source of information. Dropbox may find this interesting as well. Many people who want to buy products do not go searching for a Bank and do long lines to consign the money. -Not having an autoresponder multimedia or smart.

People who surf on the net visit many pages before making a purchase; but businesses that do not have a multimedia or intelligent autoresponder can not keep in touch with customers to make sales.Tip: To start a business can be with an autoresponder installed on the hosting, when you have more money you can implement one more powerful. -Not having enough patience and effort, especially at the beginning. All entrepreneurs want to be rich as soon as possible, and here is where we can fail. Everything that man is decidedly proposed is possible; However, it should be clear that everything is a process and no one can skip the steps required to achieve all the goals. Fabian Vanegas Eng.

Improve Memory

Regarding assessment, teachers must use a variety of techniques to assess the cognitive domain. However, the verbs used to convey the intention of learning objectives provide useful information for selecting specific assessment techniques. For example: The verb “identify” in a learning objective that describes what the student should be able to do, might suggest that the teacher consider the use of objective assessment techniques that include multiple choice, match, or elements of true and false, for information on the progress of student learning. The use of verbs such as “apply”, “manipulate” and “operate”, listed in the Application level of cognitive domain, may suggest that the teacher consider performance assessment tasks, as the most appropriate evaluation technique. Some verbs cited in the levels of Understanding, Analysis, Synthesis, and Evaluation, for example: (“read ‘,’ defend ‘,’ explain ‘, rank’, ‘make’, ‘propose’, ‘judge’, ‘hiring ‘), could suggest that: expand open questions, make writing assignments or presentations are appropriate techniques for information. OBJECTIVES FOR VERBS instructional OBSERVABLE “N * depending on the cognitive domain of the senses (different meanings depending on context) with which you use, some verbs can be applied to more than one level.

Civilization And Inventions

A civilization that dates back 31 centuries before Christ, certainly has a rich history. In fact, many of his discoveries and inventions are used today in many fields of human activity such as makeup, locks and syringes. One of these developments, full of symbols that are eternal to the human soul is the Egyptian tarot. The Egyptian Tarot comes from the very genesis of his religion. The first outlines of the figures that today make up the Egyptian tarot are in the book of Thoth, an Egyptian sacred books. This book is believed to be mythical in its first copy was done in real gold leaf.

He was dedicated to Thoth, the Greek god of writing and languages. Thoth was usually depicted as a squatting man-headed Ibis a “the sacred bird of the Egyptians,” with a scroll in his lap. In this book would be expressed predictions about the future and the passing of time and history. Such is the origin of the Egyptian tarot. Hermes, the Alexandrian scholar, was considered by many to be the reincarnation of the god Thoth, and is believed to be the creator of the Egyptian tarot.

Hermes was the creator of the major arcana, present in his grave stone engraved with the first of what would be the pictures that we know today of the mysteries of the Egyptian tarot. The Book of Thoth is older than the pyramids, and in fact is one of the oldest written documents of record that existed in the history of mankind. It consisted, as the chronicles tell of 78 sheets of pure gold, with the figures of the major and minor arcana, and content was expressed aquello that gives rise to everything else . Thus we see how from the beginning is set to the mysteries of the Egyptian tarot as a means of communication between mortals and deities of the afterlife, the other world that is beyond our earthly realities. Many scholars believe that the word tarot comes from a word meaning Egyptian a the real way. The importance of placing their origins can see how there are elements that transcend the history of civilization, which are eternal, which are present in the psyche of all men, for thousands of years. Therefore, the Egyptian tarot can never be taken as a simple code corresponding to such arcane such meanings, but it is a mystical form that, through the tarotista, the person can perceive what is beyond this world.

Visionary Management

There is a lack of visionary management, to interpret the requirements that are expressed, the product of contingency variables and everything that the current demand scenario, neglecting the training, development, optimization of the proper management of human resources. This results in downtime, inadequate use of human resource capital, in their creative, innovative, creativity, effort, performance, ensuring productivity, cohesion and good team dynamics giving rise to favorable results for everyone. Management at many companies has not instilled the importance of representing the productivity and quality as a competitive advantage, what it represents to ensure competitiveness in the markets and stay in the conquest of new ones. Specifically, organizational behavior is permeated Venezuelan conflict that has generated a negative climate for its operations, requiring for evaluate positively transform the relationships and behavior of its employees, its leadership, administrative structure, technology, financial resources, technology, ergonomics, performance, performance programs, objectives, goals, mission, vision and generate the changes required to ensure guaranteed participation of good productivity and quality. Writing What would you recommend to managers to be rated as good and really supportive of companies where they work? Mora Do a self analysis of their performance, determine where your weaknesses are both in their relationships, group management, leadership, and in all the managerial skills now required to provide solutions, give way to strategies, actions that promote the conquest and retention of the markets, proper use of their creative potential, innovation, motivate staff, identify the needs of achievement, make you fully identify with their role performance, appropriate rewards, be democratic treatment, to recognize their performance, support, be vigilant to changes, threats, collaboration bring you all that it affords the participant training development as well as other state: fostering an atmosphere in which people feel free to express .

Be open to all perspectives. Pay attention and evaluate each side of a proposal before making a decision. This shows that respects all points of view and builds trust. Taking into account said Daniela Leon as we share, not to neglect the importance in representing the capital of talent, skill of the people who make up the human resource, manage to find people who are not contributing. Do not give way to the mistakes committed by some leaders to keep people who do not bring in a team which does not support them. It is often expected, the pressure will inspire the team to improve its performance. This approach works sometimes. But the sad thing is that the presence of team members loose, can cause resentment. In the end, this can damage the team spirit and keep the productivity of. Deproimca, just before reality of the lack of a management that is in favor of the needs that address the business needs, offers its services, consulting and management advice on topics, how outsourcing, benchmarking, participatory leadership, administrative systems, planning strategic, marketing, foreign trade and personal growth, counting with a team of highly trained and experienced professional teachers at the graduate level.

His Eminence Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne

I also wrote two letters to his Eminence, Cardinal, Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Lima, and unfortunately never had answers. I want this part to transcribe the two letters, which I give to know more about this subject. David Karp contributes greatly to this topic. FIRST LETTER: Lima, December 10, 2001 His Eminence Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne, Archbishop of Lima and Primate of the Catholic Church in Peru. THIS Amado Father: I am writing to you as a layman committed to his Church, which wants to share his deep Christian feeling, hoping that his Eminence is anyone reading this. My name is Andres Martinez Arbulu I have 47 years, married, childless and natural Callao, now residing in the Urbanizacion Santa Beatriz Lima. Belong to the Parish of Christ the King, I am the musical director of the choir to which I belong. I am also representing my parish at the Pontifical Mission Societies, which I also received a course of Misionoligia and also participated in a Christian friendship group New Image of Parish plan. I made my studies at school Externado Santo Toribio de Mogrovejo, then devoted myself to music, first as an amateur and then professional.

I was always a respectful person and Catholic faith, developing a life considered normal. Religious marriage contracted in 1982, and then rectify my sacraments confirmed in 1995. Father is the case, that from that day something special happened in my life, and I began to feel increasing, increasingly, a very special and particular love for Christ and all he had to do with the Church, emerged in me a different motivation.

Brothers Grimm

Today comes a lot of different cartoons, as rosiyskogo and overseas manufacturing. Kids delight in klatsayut channels, and parents delighted to have the opportunity to relax a little bit of troubled children. But a good parent if the child position to trust TV? It's much better to sit with the baby instead of cartoons and read a bedtime story that teaches something good and to develop imagination, logical thinking, makes child's brain to work. Quicken Loans wanted to know more. For example, consider a "fairy tale"> Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish, written by the great Russian poet A. Pushkin, still in 1883 .. Who has not read it all the time our dad and grandma? And all the time we saw something else, invent their desires and ending tales, and sometimes just imagined …

really possible to leave their own children without this wonderful flight of imagination, when things seem enforceable, and all the dreams of easily marketable? This tale based on the Russian tale "The greedy old woman," it also has in common with the fairy tale "about a fisherman and his wife," the Brothers Grimm. In this tale has a distinctive feature – the poetic scale, so that it reads simply, is understandable even for the tiniest babies and easily zapominaetsya.Skazka, like almost all written by Pushkin, is very instructive and will not leave listeners indifferent tiny. After all, if to recall the story, the main idea of fairy tales is that you should not want too many things and be ungrateful, but this idea is at the top of the iceberg. Should understand. The old woman, who wanted a trough, then the house, the nobility, the kingdom and then to become the mistress of the sea, eventually returned to where to start, was left with nothing. Sure, the end of the tale can not be called a happy and cheerful, but when better to think about, we can understand its essence. If poymalzolotuyu '>'> goldfish in early to determine what you wish for, because throwing from one to another or to a good cause does not.

And the fairy tale as anything else teaches young students to realize that although adults sometimes almost impossible to understand simple things. If luck is in the form of a goldfish or something else accompanies us to set goals and move towards them, and do not dream of world domination, because it is clear that this is an unattainable goal too, as old women to become Mistress of the seas. Thus, after reading this story to your child at bedtime, we can engender in his mind the right idea, which takes precedence over many others in the literature in psychology – should define its desires. But in this ruthless and constantly changing society it is extremely necessary information. In today's world, a host of diverse multser


Superior, training level of quality demand for specialized and experienced personnel training increases with age. Profile looking for als enterprises is of people prepared to start work directly. This is why FP schools increasingly have more demand. The old prejuciios on vocational training have been dissipating. The career that began a few years ago is unstoppable by placing the preparation of you students who attend these studies, among the most demanded by the business world. There are several alternatives for accessing these studies: degree, vocational training of top grade training cycles.

The formative cycles of top grade also open other doors as the access to the University. Study programmes are adapted to the profile of the demanandante. The practice is something fundamental Jan hese studies. As a result the student reaches the market manejandose well in the profession who has studied. There are branches of specialization as varied: Administration, business, technical, artistic, areas scientists. The vocation of every person has its training offer in the FP. The structure of these studies aims to adapt to the working world and offers its students abilities to assume responsibilities, to schedule their work, to plan the work of the people and has make the corresponding assessments.