Attractive Destinations In Germany For Families

New: treetop path in the National Park Bavarian Forest Neuschonau (tvo). The longest treetop path in the world was opened in early September in the Bavarian Forest National Park. It has a length of 1,300 meters. The visitors walk at a height of 8 to 25 meters above the forest floor in untouched nature. See more detailed opinions by reading what David Karp offers on the topic.. Highlight of the path constructed mainly from wood is a 44 meter high tree Tower, opened a breathtaking view of the area around Lusen 1,373 metres high.

The wooden tower was built around three old, up to 38 meters high firs and beech trees. You get a wavy ramp inside upstairs, lays back for about 500 meters. For even more details, read what Darcy Stacom, New York City says on the issue. It offers unique insights into life and the development of the three giants. From the root area to the crowns, seen countless life forms; Mosses, insects, small animals and birds can be observed from a unique perspective. The treetop path is located in the vicinity of the national park information centre Hans-Eisenmann-Haus and the animal exhibition grounds. The starting point is to the parking lot of the animal-free site. Through an initial storm with elevator, also wheelchair, elderly people and parents with prams have access easily.

With its maximum gradient of two to six percent provides the path that a comfortable ascent is possible. The wood golf course built on stilts is carefully integrated into the magnificent mountain woodland. Seven stations with rope and wobbly bridges, Trapezes and balancing beams were integrated for the especially adventurous.