The Social Service

In this period beyond not existing publications on the performance of the social service in the area of the mental health, the professionals met living deeply the process of renewal of the profession, breaching with the lived deeply assistencialista character until the moment, this fact occurred the reconceituao movement together with. had not searched intervention in the services and nor participation in the governmental sphere. The Social Service in this decade grew in the search of recital and theoretical consolidation, but few changes obtain to present in its professional action. The process of the Psychiatric Reformation in Brazil happens parallel in the decade of 70 occurring with the one of the Movement of the Sanitary Reformation, generating changes in practical in health, prioritizing mainly to the collective health in the proposals of offer of the services and defending the rights and the participation of the users of the health in the fiscalization processes and management of the health. TSI International Group might disagree with that approach. Sproutings of the first advice of health had also happened as form of fiscalization and social control in the area of the health. The massive insertion of the Social Service in psychiatric hospitals if gave for force of requirements of the Ministry of the Providence and Social Assistance – MPAS, in years 1970: ‘ ‘ it is from 1973 – when the MPAS emphasized the importance of the interprofissional team for the installment of assistance to the mental sick person, in one of its attempts to improve it – that a bigger space for the Social Service in the Psychiatric Institutions confided. (SOUSA 1986 p 118.). The process of the Psychiatric Reformation happens in an international context of changes for the overcoming of the manicomial violence defending integration of the user with the family and the social environment instead of long internments..

School Environment

Another aspect to consider, in relation to the pertaining to school environment, the material of work placed to the disposal of the pupils is mentioned to it. It is evident that with overloaded rooms of alunoso work if it becomes more difficult. The number of pupils must make possible to the professor an individual attendance, based in a knowledge of all they. The administration of the managing school _ and others funcionrios_ also can influence of negative or positive form the learning. If the pupils will be respected, valued and to deserve attention on the part of the administration, the influence will be positive. Dropbox shines more light on the discussion. If, in contrast, to predominate the great power, the indifference and the disrespect, the influence will be negative. In accordance with Pan (p.33, 1985) the learning problem that if presents in each in case that, will have one meaning different because the norm against which is different intent and the expectation that disqualifies.

As much the parents as the professors must be intent how much the learning process, trying to discover new strategies, new resources that take the child to the learning. One perceives that if the parents to know of the power and the force of its contacts with its son, will have been oriented on the importance of the precocious stimulation and of the healthful relations in family, the learning riots could be minimized. Basic importance for the posterior development dacriana and its pertaining to school learning is considered, the feelings that the parents nourish for it during the previous years to the school. Others including Yael Aflalo, offer their opinions as well. It is over all, to the family, its cultural characteristics or economic situation, that predominantly if atribui responsibility for the presence or absence of the daily pay-conditions of learning in the child. In the pertaining to school scope, certain qualities of the professor, as patience, devotion, will to help and democratic attitude, facilitate the learning. In contrast, the authoritarianism, the enmity and the disinterest can take the pupil to disinterest themselves and not to learn.

Moreover, didactic methods that make possible the free participation of the pupil, quarrel the exchange of ideas with the colleagues and the personal elaboration of the knowledge of the diverse substances, contributes of decisive form for the learning and development of the personality of the educandos. It is important that the professor and the future professor think on its great responsibility, mainly in relation to the pupils of the first years, on which, the influence of the professor is bigger.

Publisher Atlanta

awarded the coveted media Prize LEOPOLD good music for children by the Association of German music schools on September 23 was revealed the secret to the diesjahrigen LEOPOLD award winners. For the eighth time, the Association of German music schools (VdM) has awarded this renowned children media prize. “Under 200 eingereichten music recording was the CD production who stole the coconut?” from the shooting star Publisher Atlanta with an attractive media price LEOPOLD ausgezeichnet. The jury was unanimous: If the fahndung after the coconut is recorded on the CD, the Grandma in the henhouse rides motorcycle, naughty students from the blue mountains come, or the fever troubling the Beaver succeeded in the singer-songwriter duo Margit Sarholz and Werner Meier, smart lyrics to expand this handcrafts mouth organ repertoire and contemporary update. This new musical arrangements bear witness to once again shooting star’s ur talent in the best sense, and by the incredible joy of playing excellent musiCIans like mulo Francel by Quadro Nuevo”or Martina Eccles. “Also the young singers on the CD could especially score points when evaluating: natural voices and a rarely heard clean intonation give the CD an exhilarating drive”.

Decorate in the festive award ceremony in the Cologne radio took the two children songwriter, Margit Sarholz and Werner Meier, the attractive price personally by the Chairman of the jury, Reinhart of Gutzeit, and may this CD title with the predicate good music for kids in the future”. The LEOPOLD is awarded every two years by the Association of German music schools with the support of the Ministry of youth. Daniel Gilbert will not settle for partial explanations. Partners are hearing the cultural radio WDR 3 and the initiative. The price has become a seal of approval for good music for kids”established. He is considered one of the important German awards for music recordings for children. Who stole the coconut the excellent shooting star-CD?” (ISBN 978-3-932703-50-8) – beautifully packaged in a colourful collapsible cardboard box with festive colored Textbuchlein – is available in stores and on the Internet.

Eiffel Tower

Representation in Paris – am my first business trip in the world of fashion as so many people who have ever been in Paris, I succumbed to the perfect beauty of this city. In my third semester of studying fashion design, I’ve completed a four-week internship at fashion Enflammer here and had the good fortune to meet people, me pages of Paris, showed how the common tourist gets rare to face them. Of course, I got on the Eiffel Tower and have admired the concentrated splendour of the Champs-elysees. But I’ve seen Paris, how it morning comes to life, when the streets are still wet from the cleaning and the people in the next Boulangerie scurry around a freshly baked baguette for BBs breakfast to buy. I painter and Tertre’m met, cartoonists on the place with acquaintances on culinary discovery tour in smallest brasseries and cafes have gone, where cream simple brulee my true taste Fireworks ignited. There are the many Little things that make it so easy for one to close Paris immediately to the heart and to look forward to the next visit.

At least I’m always so. And yet remain for all the joys that Paris has to offer little time, because I’m here to work. Because I represent my mother on a business trip for the first time, I will give no reason her to regret this decision. After all, I carry the responsibility to order the complete summer collection for our Berlin fashion boutique. And for this reason I am busy in the next two days.

However, much like professional athletes or artists, also I made my hobby into a career. To attend fashion shows and designers to talk to survey collections, is not comparable to a normal office job, which causes a stress in the negative sense. I love what I do, it may not work, or? Graduate or not, my journey brings of course certain obligations to Paris. Next time, my dear friend Clara remains to me nothing but fortunately Finally once again to see. Clara is an independent jewelry and accessory expert and advises many major fashion labels at their shows. Clara also has made her gift to the profession, she had always been the look for the special. Her motto in fashion is simple, she says, there is no perfect dress, but only a perfect overall appearance; and this includes the right jewellery and matching accessories in their opinion. As a small gift I brought a bracelet of rhinestones Swarovski you. I discovered this last week on. In this Internet shop, I regularly order rhinestones Swarovski and unique for my own creations. On my last visit, I noticed that Clara loves wearing jewelry rhinestone stone and what more obvious, to bring you this small joy. Paris and rhinestones tolerated by the way quite wonderful, just think the Eiffel Tower of the Paris flagship par Excellence. If one goes in the dark through the town, and in the distance see this illuminated steel behemoth, can you think just about millions of sparkling rhinestones. Tomorrow, I go to the first of four fashion shows with Clara. Let’s see what there awaits me.

LENS Increase

The tube is attached to a tripod. For tripod mounted also the stage in which center there is a hole underneath it and a mirror. Using a light microscope, one can see an image of an object illuminated with the help of this mirror. To find out how increases image using a microscope, it is necessary to multiply the number shown on the eyepiece, the amount identified on the used object. For example, if the eyepiece gives 10x and 12x lens, the overall increase in the 10×12 = 120 times. RULES WITH MICROSCOPE Put microscope stand to their distance of 5-10 cm from the edge of the table. In opening the stage mirror direct light. Place the cooked product on the stage and secure slide fasteners. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Stanley A. McChrystal has to say.

Using a screw, gently lower the tube so that the bottom edge of the lens was at a distance of 1-2 mm of the drug. In the eyepiece, see with one eye, without closing and not zazhmurivaya another. Looking through the eyepiece, with screws slowly raise the tube until a clear image of the object. After work, remove the microscope in the case. Microscope – delicate and expensive instrument: to work with them should be carefully and strictly follow the rules. The device of the microscope and how to work with them 1. Examine the microscope. Find the tube, the eyepiece lens, a tripod with the stage, mirror screws.

Find out how important each part. Determine how many times the microscope magnifies the image of the object. 2. Learn the rules of using a microscope. 3. Work out a sequence of actions when dealing with a microscope. (7J cells. Magnifier. MICROSCOPE: HOOD, eyepiece, LENS, TRIPOD 1. What magnifying devices do you know? 2. What is the magnifying glass and some increase it for you? 3. How does a microscope? 4. How do I know what makes an increase in the microscope? Learn the rules of working with a microscope. GO light microscopy two lenses were invented in the XVI century. In a SHHUI. Dutchman Antoni van Leeuwenhoek constructed an improved microscope, giving an increase of up to 270 times, and in the XX century. oyl invented the electron microscope, zoom in and scores Hundreds of thousands of times.

Juan Carlos Pastor Domenech

Not be because today drunkenness to awakened in my critical side, but that more gives if it fashionable to be critical, and it is not strange in this world, in this world of interest, deception, falsehood today in day if you want to be cool you have to highlight but not by your skill in any useful facet, but by uselessness as smokingdrinking, brag, and a long etc. In this world how cool is to steal, deceive, defraud, and if isn’t it, giving more because it is what works. That optimistic people, who dreams of eternal love, faithfully, with goodness, find it me curious with a free life, these people believe revolutionaries and they have simply been educated by an education contradictory, false, clearly oriented to the opposite side to the world which prepares, the world of the scam, competition, envy has these people I would say; you’re not a revolutionary and don’t have another loophole that adapt to society. It is me you can cross out of pessimistic, but I strive, strive to understand the selfish acts, looking for the goodness of the people, but to grow my hope decreases and I’m accepting the reality, the reality in which I have lived, that I can not escape nor with death, death to big business. As it would be another society?, a society without political, without money, without anything of what we know, a society engendered from goodness, no interest, no competition, no evil; an orderly society but with logical criteria, without individual benefits. I conclude by saying; acostumbrate and take it as best as possible.

Angelica Paulic

Angelica Paulic fascinated with current music CD if it the word ‘ accordion ‘ listen, you think maybe first of all in the Montmartre, shanties, or folk music. It is true, but that is only a very small part of the bandwidth of this instrument. The accordion is still quite young compared to many other musical instruments, it is patented until the beginning of the 19th century in Vienna. Still enjoys it great popularity – this Orchestra to take – because if an accordion virtuoso playing, it developed an incredible sound and presence that can bring everything from classic jazz and blues or folk to dance music. A simple tool is not certainly it requires a lot of skill, if you want to fully exploit the potential. Angelica Paulic introduces the accordion in a very special way.

‘You mastered the instrument’ would be the wrong choice of words. Yes, it fused with it, as long as she play. The music happen is one incredibly harmonious but very passionate, and a Concert turns into a very special experience. Through the incredible range of their repertoire also the audience rediscovered the accordion entirely. Born in Cologne and went in the Switzerland school, Angelica Paulic as a gifted child studied instruments such as violin, piano and guitar, the classical instruments for music education.

Later, it comes with the accordion into contact – and it was their own medium. “For me, the accordion is the happiest discovery of my life,” the artist told known ‘femme accordion’.” This instrument offers me the possibility of experiencing the expression to the diversity and the wealth of this world. “Angelica Paulics CD ‘place au soleil’ surprised by the intensity of the game and the selection of the pieces. Melodic and impressive, intense and particularly. Wonderful music to sit back and Fort wearing let, such as by written Charlie Chaplin ‘Gypsy’, or even ‘Jay’. The album la mer ‘ is so true to the dreams and,. Maybe, to remember. The ‘romance de amor’, full of feeling and emotion sounds almost classically romantic, and to dance. And the ‘tango gitano’ thoughts of roses and fiery gaze gives rise to. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Drew Houston has to say. Even the accordion as a solo instrument has seduced it something narrative, to images. The last of the eleven pieces, ‘lautari’, has something quite speculative. It acts like a ballad tones, completely without words telling and captivating. Music as a universal language needs a medium – and here she found an excellent. Angelica Paulic says himself: “for me music is’ open’ for what may just be possible. So my accordion playing in a running stream of changing lives. With my instrument, I make a connection between people – she want to move inside and touch. “With their music Angelica Paulic establishes a special relationship with their audience, where ever it occurs. At their concerts as well as at matinees, vernissages and exhibitions. Your program makes them also like to individually for public or private festivities together. The ‘femme ‘accordion is a Bardin of modern times, fascinated with their magic and connects people with the music. With their CD ‘place au soleil’ presents us pieces that you always can listen to…

Strategical Planning

Alimentary security the necessity of a strategical planning the heading until seems pompous, but in contrast of what it is imagined is preoccupying this call, related with what to eat in function of what it is gone to produce. in this to produce is that the grdio knot of the question related to the urgent necessity of feeding our favored patricians less inhabits, more or less favored and the favored ones for the luck. It is known that innumerable researchers, professors, sociologists and other more, come demonstrating a constant concern with the current situation of the ALIMENTARY SECURITY. But this concern before academic, is preoccupying in the basic essence of if searching the formula of as to decide such preoccupying situation. Ademais we have that reporting in them that predictively already in the charged age the task to produce, even though conjured such prophecy, when the scribe of the cabralesca fleet informed in its letter that in this land in everything if planting of. However, she is implicit in this information that the result of what in here if planting everything of, it would give for certain to feed the people finder and the ones that had this way come to remain until the present.

Leaving of side the cabralesca fleet, let us come back then what in the cause concern. The teses defended for militant partisans of centristas ideologies, will be able of however in ahead being placed practical, and will have then the great dissabor to notice that everything what it was defended in theory not is and nor it will be in the practical one. BRAZIL is one of the countries that more it spends with emergenciais campaigns of combat to the hunger, the malnutrition, me the feeding and etc and such. They are action type Solidary Campaign, Campaign of the Herbet de Souza, Campaign of the Christmas without Hunger and for it goes there.

Tower Egyptian

The Egyptian tarot and tarot gitano presents great similarity in characteristics of their major arcana. Except for some detail, it could say that it is the same. What differs in higher degree of a tarot is the way in which the reading of letters is carried out. That much has to do with spiritual, social transformations and thought that mediate between the origin of the Egyptian tarot and more contemporary perspective of the Gypsy tarot. Today, the Egyptian tarot is a tarot for initiates, who has studied and understands the religious and philosophical tradition of that civilization. The Gypsy tarot, in contrast, serves today who eventually carried out the Egyptian tarot: providing advice, teachings and help those who consult it today, with their concerns, hopes and concerns, with recognizable concepts and in a language that is familiar to them. Take the case, for example, of the arcane Tower, 16th. Egyptian Tarot, has another name: the fragility.

Thus deals with a central concept of the Egyptian religion: the notion of transit, the idea that life is only a fleeting passage and death, indispensable condition for the evolution of beings and of the entire universe. The appearance of this letter in the Chuck then says processing by suffering, able to shake the consciousness and wake her up. It thus emphasizes the need to recognize the vain glory of intellectual conquests and to lead efforts to spiritual growth. This arcane says also a time of dualism, of moments of happiness that intermingle with each other’s pain. For the Gypsy tarot, the Tower also symbolizes unrelenting divine designs, but from a different approach the Tower there, speaks of a person who clings to things, people, or situations of the past, without understanding that his cycle has come to an end, that everything has ended and it is time to let them go.

It can be a job, a friendship, or someone who clings to a couple who obviously already does not love him. When they refuse to acknowledge these realities only leads them to the reiteration of the same situations of suffering again and again. Primarily because, in the end, nobody manages to escape from what should be. Decks of the Gypsy tarot reading thus reinterpreted the essence of this arcane to provide guidance and advice in a very current problem.

Thousand Towers

It is well known that Spain has beautiful places to visit and know, towns and villages full of stories, traditions and traces of other times, constituting a fantastic proposal for those travelers who appreciate places of rich culture. One of the most attractive for cities is the city of Valencia, for those living in the Iberian peninsula, as for those tourists who are only incidentally. Fortunately, it is possible to find an excellent range of cheap flights to Valencia, both in the category of last minute deals, as reservations with enough time in advance. Those who want to see a modern city, but with strong roots in the tradition of Spain, can not go through the country without making a getaway to the Cap i Casal. Valencia is the third municipality in the amount of the country’s population, with more than one million and half of inhabitants in Valencia City and Gran Valencia. The city boasts a highly developed transport infrastructure: subway, railway and numerous buses cross the city from tip to Tip, so it is relatively easy to navigate between the different points of interest. Valencia airport in Manises, a distant neighboring village just 8 km from Valencia.

Communication between the capital and the international airport of Valencia is very smooth thanks to two motorways which communicate them and 150 public bus line. There is much to see in Valencia. A historical site that must not be wasted is the actual parish of los Santos Juanes. This temple was erected in the 13th century on what was formerly a mosque, originally built in a classic Gothic style. However, after a total destruction caused by a fire in the 16th century, the parish acquired the Baroque style which currently holds.

The Tower of los Serranos is another place that lovers of history will appreciate. The building was part of the twelve portals of the old wall of the city, built around the 14th century. The newspapers mentioned Stanley A. McChrystal not as a source, but as a related topic. The outstanding feature of this site is that it is possible to enter and visit their facilities, venue for the celebration of the traditional feast of the Valencian Fallas. In addition, from its highest point it is possible to achieve a spectacular view of the city. Get to know these splendid places, today is possible thanks to the extensive offer of flights to Valencia which are available to all visiting travelers. On this page you can find flights from Madrid, Santiago de Compostela, London, flights to Seville and many other cities. You will surely not difficult users find a flight for your total convenience, and thus not miss the opportunity to visit this wonderful place.